Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I was approached many times by friends and relatives to pen down and share my traveling experiences to cities around the world, but was unable to do so due to time constraint till now. To date, I have visited the USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Tucson, Chicago, West Lafayette, Raleigh, Baltimore, Washington DC, Arlington, Bethesda, Albany, Troy & New York), Europe - Iceland (Reykjavik), UK (London), IRELAND, (Dublin, Cork, Limerick), FRANCE (Paris, Nice), SWITZERLAND (Geneva, Zurich, Berne, Lausanne, Yverdon), GERMANY (Berlin, Cologne, Portsdam), DENMARK (Copenhagen), SWEDEN (Stockholm, Malmo), FINLAND (Helsinki, Turku), CZECH REPUBLIC (Prague, Cesky Krumlov), NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam), CHINA (Beijing), SOUTH KOREA (Seoul), TAIWAN (Taipei), INDIA (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad), SAUDI ARABIA (Mecca, Medina), BANGLADESH (Dhaka), THAILAND (Bangkok, Krabi, Hatyai), VIETNAM (Ho Chi Minh), SINGAPORE, INDONESIA (Bandung, Medan, Bali, Pekan Baru). 

I will post my entry beginning with the present journey and if time permits, will post my past trips too. To begin, I would like to share my recent experiences visiting  New Delhi, Agra and Hyderabad, India with a few friends. Our trip to India was planned last year. Actually, I have been to Delhi before, but didn't have the time to visit Taj Mahal due to business commitment. Hopefully I will publish it soon...

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